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The benefits from the practice of the belly dance, proves to be great as any therapy!

Would you like to be part of this evolution?
For fun and fitness for life.    


Sunday 30 th January 30th 
The Drummer & The Dancer
The Daner is You!
Nashat together with Zabelle
are inviting to to join us for the opportunity to dance solo with Nashat for experience and study. Zabelle has drawn on her experience with Nashat and other musicians to guide with sound combinations to have a mega result that will be recorded for your solo.
Zabelle's studio
In Thornbury
Cost $40.00 in studio and $25.00 online.
2 hours of fun and learning.
Two teachers with impressive experience.
Samii Saiidi Ayoub Rhythms

The Drummer and the Dancer
Nashat explains the Rhythms for belly dance.
Zabelle will share original combinations and then we encourage you to be the Dancer.
Try something new or perhaps practice your own skills. Guaranteed fun and laughter.

'Imagine it performed by Egyptian temple dancers, from whence it would travel over hot desert sands to the great oasis. They?re to meet the long caravans of Arab traders. With these ships of the desert, would it roll to Persian markets and the bazaars? Then onto remote mountain villages where peasant women would take it to themselves and with music and movement and make it their own. So it goes on. Taking from it, adding to it ,ever changing down through time.

The evolution of belly dance
Mysterious, exotic sensual.'

By Ann Trott

The business will adhere to all Government regulations and restrictions.
QR code at the door. Masks are still required.
The studio has space for 4 visiting participants.

Zabelle along with Nashat and other visiting teachers welcome you back to the  home of your dance journey.
 These classes have been designed to engrave better posture and stability.
Hello just to let you know that if you are starting out and thinking about belly dance for first time.
I am here to help.  A life as a dancer and observer and offer my thoughts and ideas on how I can guide you to achieve your dreams

Pleased to tell you that Belly Dance,a Raqs Sharqi or dance de Vontre all mean the style in which includes a fascinating interpretation of a cultural treasure chest of music and movements.

Each session will reflect a traditional folk style like Saiidi, Nubian, classic, oriental, Hagalla and to use props. World music and sometimes a current pop or western tracks. 

Belly dance is a great way to get excercise and care for yourself and learn all about dance.
Join now or with a personal personal session or you can join classes anytime.

In person private and group sessions belly dance are available.             This ncludes Belly dance, Bridal Ballroom and Latin American and Street latin styles.
In studio & online all sessions. Including Workshops.

   Monday Tuesday  & Wednesday 7pm & 
    Saturday 10am & 4pm            

Bellydance with Zabelle    belly dancing dancers melbourne

  For further details, contact Zabelle her phone number is 0409 259 502
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Belly Dance with Zabelle

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