Belly Dance with Zabelle 
      Zamovtek 'Art on the Move'

 What is Belly Dance?
  Bellydance is an everchanging Oriental artistic dance form. If   you love dancing and never tried Belly Dance. You will have     the  time of your life! 


 Would you like to be a part of this evolution?
 The evolution of Belly dance Mysterious, exotic sensual.
 Fun and  Fitness for Life.

   What are the benefits?
 The benefits from the practice of the Bellydance, proves to be   as great as any therapy!

    What we offer at Bellydance with Zabelle
   Zamovtek Art on the Move?

  We are dedicated to make your experience and education to
  suit your needs. Your investment to attend workshops and        classes is honoured with genuine information and                     experienced teachers. We continually develop our Art with       you in mind. Our job is to assist you achieve your personal       goals in dance. 

Contact us soon.

      5 Week Course June 11-July 6.
   Term 2 2019 April 23rd -May 29th 5 weeks (10 day break)    
  June 11th-July 6th 5 weeks course.
   Note Sunday Pop-up Workshop May 26 at 2-4 in Thornbury    
       Open level -  session event. Zabelle and Nash           Present  -Choreography the 'How to' understand to create!
    0409259502 Zabelle will be taking bookings.


Bellydance with Zabelle    belly dancing dancers melbourne

For further details, contact Zabelle  her phone number is 0409 259 502
Instagram zabelleydancer.

Belly Dance with Zabelle

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