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Hello just to let you know that if you are starting out first time a weekend dancer or with a dream to do something big! 

I am here to help.  A life as a dancer from a little one I understand we are all different. 

Great News!!!!
Studio has re-opened
To attend studio expressions of interest to attend classes. Learn to shimmy, circles,omi's, undulations, body rolls, figure 8's and jewels.

Each session will reflect a traditional folk style like Saiidi, Nubian, classic, oriental, Hagalla and to use props. World music and sometimes a current pop or western tracks. Get moving and join us.

Easy way to get excercise and feel good about yourself. 
Join now or with a personal session first you can join anytime.
Contact me 0409259502

  Event. Free to everyone. WaterMarc Greensborough.
     Healthlink Cafe show 12-2 pm Saturday 27th
SEE Gallery for updated images. Social media.

This opportunity has been designed to engrave better posture and stability.

 Zabelle's principles about dance and movement
Swing, sway, rise, fall and turns.

Belly Dance with Zabelle 'Art on the Move' 

Your Health and Safety is our utmost concern.
Pleased to Announce!
You have choice to be active with all lessons & classes
either in studio or via zoom.

In person private and group sessions belly dance are available.             This ncludes Belly dance, Bridal Ballroom and Latin American and Street latin styles.

Email us to above address now and we can help to keep you moving. Zx

   Term 1 2021 January 16th
   Monday 7pm, Tuesday 7pm & Wednesday 7pm + Saturday 4pm
   Park sessions March 14 last Sunday Book In Now.

Bellydance with Zabelle    belly dancing dancers melbourne

  For further details, contact Zabelle her phone number is 0409 259 502
  Instagram zabelleydancer fb Zabelle Hurlston.

Belly Dance with Zabelle

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