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mysterious, exotic, sensual, dance form
The benefits after the  practice of the belly dance proves to be  great as a therapy! 

Try it and have the time of your life!

Move to the drums and be free with your expression.

“Imagine it performed by Egyptian temple dancers, from whence it would travel over hot  desert sands to the great oasis. They’re to meet the long caravans of Arab traders. With these ships of the desert, would it roll to Persian markets and the bazaars? Then onto remote mountain villages where peasant women would take it to themselves and with music and movement and  make it their own. So it goes on. Taking  from it, adding to it ,ever changing down through time.

The evolution of belly dance
       Mysterious, exotic sensual.

Modern western audience can now experience the pleasure of new and exciting interpretation of this ancient and artistic oriental dance form.”

By Ann Trott

Would you like to be part of this evolution? 
For fun and fitness for life.
Belly dance is a great way to get fit. It also provides an opprotunity to perform and do dress ups as we costume for the ocassions.
Suitable for all ages.

  • Whatever your level of fitness.
  • Actively tones and shapes. 
  • Assists with flexibility and strength.


belly dancing dancers melbourne

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