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Learn about belly dance the art and folk styles.
If you have questions please contact us here.

A Sunday in April
2-4 pm
The Drummer & The Dancer
The Dancer is You!
Nashat together with Zabelle
are inviting to to join us for the opportunity to dance solo with Nashat for experience and study. Zabelle has drawn on her experience with Nashat and other musicians to guide with sound combinations to a mega result that will be recorded for your solo.
Samii,Saiidi Ayoub rhythms
Zabelle's studio
In Thornbury at
Autumn Yoga Retreat Studio

Cost $40.00 in studio and $25.00 online.
2 hours of fun and learning.
Two teachers with impressive experience. 

Workshop with Zabelle online 
For the love of the Dance session Two.
On Choreography

"I can't wait to meet you!"
My ideas about choreography.
Insights into my own construction of a choreography.
Including Zabelle's  Original work,
The 5 'Principles of Moving in Dance'
This workshop will include my personal experiences
including other fables.

'TOP to TOE' Workshops
This opportunity has been designed to engrave better posture and stability.
To cover Zabelle Principles of Dance in Belly dance.
Zabelle's principles about dance and movement
Swing, sway, rise, fall and turns.

The Essential Elements learn to move with confidence. Move easier with grace and fluidity. Gain stamina, strength and mobility.
This is a combination of the study of movement and effects of naural adaptaions.  A workshop aimed to enhance our ability to self correct. An original work of Zabelle's experience.

'Principal Points about Moving in Dance'.
A workshop aimed to enhance dance. So please ask us

Ocean Views Retreat Intensive
Dates 2022 October Sat17-Sun 18

OUR 10th YEAR!

e talents of great names in Australian Bellydance and associated genre.
 The vibrant dance teacher and associated lessons to help the dancer. Yoga, Singing voice ballet techniques and vocabulary. Drumming and more!

The Essential Elements learn to move with confidence. Move easier with grace and fluidity. Gain stamina, strength and mobility.



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