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December 5th 12-2
The Drummer & The Dancer
The Daner is You!
Nashat together with Zabelle
are inviting to to join us for the opportunity to dance solo with Nashat for experience and study. Zabelle has drawn on her experience with Nashat and other musicians to guide with sound combinations to have a mega result that will be recorded for your solo.
Zabelle's studio
In Watsonia
Go to Try booking.
Cost $36.00 in studio and $25.00 online.
2 hours of fun and learning.
Two teachers with impressive experience.

Get Ready! 
Oriental Variations Revival Intensive.


Date Saturday October 16th 

Revival Intensive

Date Saturday October 16th

Single one hour workshops
Check in with Zabelle at 9.00am 
First workshop 9.15- 
 9.15am Musicality - Josie Palermo

Josie Palermo Musicality  A true performer of radiant quality. Musicality is her practice of expressive and individual envied style along with her contagious smile. This presentation will give you chance to experience her extensive repertoire and knowledge.

Director of Melbourne Bellydance Josie Palermo has had over 2 decades of local and international experience in middle eastern dance and is proud to work with the best dancers and musicians in Melbourne.  Josie has conducted classes and various short term workshops in Arabic dance in Melbourne and Regional Victoria for many years. She has been performing Arabic dance (both Cabaret and folk) for 10 years. Her credits include television appearances; Sale of the Century (GTV 9), Red Light in Full Flight (SBS), Denise Show (7 network) and Ocean Girl (Jonathon Shift Productions).

10.30 Ballet - Dwan Dwana dance School (Cecchetti)


Dwan is Principal of Dwan a Dance and established for 10 years School of the Arts on the Mornington Peninsula situated on Melbourneís Coast.  Her impeccable classic Cecchetti  method and syllabus is easy to follow and execute. Dwan has a fun way to keep you smiling as you will find. The Ballet class is created especially and delivered  for OVRI participants. Dwan is a lover of all dance including Bellydance.

11.45 Dr. Roxanne Boughen- techniques for Grace. 

Roxanne has been involved with and studied music and dance all her life. She has been immersed in Orff Schulwerk for a great number of years which she studied in Salzburg, Austria. She represented Australia in America in 1988 for the bicentennial year in music and movement education. It is the integration of music and movement that fascinates and enlivens Roxanne. She completed her doctorate in Education on the theory and practice of Middle Eastern  Raqs Sharqi dance in Australia. She examined the pedagogy of dance Orientale as well as as itís adaption to in our culture. Roxanne is a cosmic artist of individuality with a laugh for life.

1.30 Laura Entwined - Welcome to ShimmyTown
Expand and refine your shimmy repertoire in this fun,fast paced, high energy workshop using the entwined format. learn how :different muscle isolations can change and create each shimm; how to slow down and level up your shimmy and create isolated and small or big loose shimmies. Build strength and flexibility in key muscle groups or just have fun and build fitness and stamina whilst listening to diverse sounds from across the globe and eras.

2.45 Bianca Fenn- School of Music
Your vocal comfort Zone-How to Expand it!

 In this workshop be prepared to answer the questions; Why do I sound the way I do? Do I like the way I sound? And if not, how do I change it? 

Learn to understand your current voice through your voice from your past to improve your voice moving forward.

4.00 Zabelle - Baladi Alchemy Ordinary to Magnificent
Bring along an open mind and some string. Yes,you need this to capture and bind together new ways to achieve the best Baladi. Bring along your own ideas. Together we will tie it, and validate a magnificent outcome. From the ordinary old to a magnificent new, with an alchemists lesson.

Please not: Do bring into this session
, some string and scissors.

5.15 Woman Speak Melbourne with Haley -
WomanSpeak Melbourne - explore the art of spontaneous speaking through the powerful ritual of dance and energy grounding. This is an opportunity to step out of performance mode and dance your inner wisdom. Connect to your body and share your voice in a safe non-judgemental space.    


Coming Soon!

event has been postponed. Due to Covid-19

The drummer Nashat and 'A' dancer.
The 'A' dancer being you!!
Learn choreographed steps to selected rhythms for a complete short repertoire. Then try it with Nashat the drummer. 


Workshop with Zabelle online only.
NOVEMBER 14 From 12 till 2 pm
For the love of the Dance session Two.
On Choreography

"I can't wait to meet you!"
My ideas about CHOREOGRAPHY
Insights into my own construction of a choreography.
Including Zabelle's  Original work,
The 5 'Principles of Moving in Dance'
This workshop will include my personal experiences
including other fables.
Cost is $25.00 

Saturdays class has a special workshop atmosphere.
Nashat Joins us to drum for our class and this will return when Studio is re- opened.

'TOP to TOE' Workshops
This opportunity has been designed to engrave better posture and stability.
To cover Zabelle Principles of Dance in Belly dance.
Zabelle's principles about dance and movement
Swing, sway, rise, fall and turns.

Contact Zabelle 0409259502

Classes are also available via  zoom.

Belly dance with Zabelle community are doing our best.
The opportunity to participate any time during the term.

The Essential Elements learn to move with confidence. Move easier with grace and fluidity. Gain stamina, strength and mobility.
This is a combination of the study of movement and effects of naural adaptaions.  A workshop aimed to enhance our ability to self correct. An original work of Zabelle's experience.

'Principal Points about Moving in Dance'.
A workshop aimed to enhance dance. So please ask us

Ocean Views Retreat Intensive
Dates 2021 October Sat16-Sun17


e talents of great names in Australian Bellydance and associated genre.
 The vibrant dance teacher and associated lessons to help the dancer. Yoga, Singing voice ballet techniques and vocabulary. Drumming and more!

THE PROGRAM will include Saturday & Sunday activities
Early morning Designer Yoga or take a bush walk.

Saturday 16 OCTOBER
Josie Palermo presents a 'Musicality PLus' Belly Dance workshop.

Zabelle presents 'The belly dance untied techniques'.

Anthea Sidiropoulos is an highly experienced voice coach,singer and songwriter

Singing will fill your hearts.

Body talks Belly dance with Drumming. 

Translations of songs by Nashat over Hafla dinner.

 Hafla Dinner Cooked by Zabelle :) 
Hafla Performances till late. 

Sunday 18
 Desiger Yoga & Meditation
Basics plus stretch it out for longevity

Woman Speak by founder Haley Jade Gledhill- Embodied for speech.

You will be amazed! Surprise guest Belly dance teacher....

Ballet by Dwana dance the 'In short and tall basics of Ballet 

Tarot Readings by Susan Caro to 'Tell all with love'.

Eagle Chairlift experience in costumes!:)

Bookings Peninsula Hot Springs Fingal
Sunday evening adventure to amazing Peninsula Springs

The program on Saturday 16th is all under one roof.
Day 1 and 2 accommodation is available.
Stay over or near by!

Bookings open August 24th 2021
Full program soon and bookings with  Trybooking 
Please Note We have for larger dance studio workshop space Sunday

The Essential Elements learn to move with confidence. Move easier with grace and fluidity. Gain stamina, strength and mobility.

Principal Points about Moving in Dance'.
 This is a combination of the study of movement and effects of naural adaptaions.  A workshop aimed to enhance our ability to self correct. An original work of Zabelle's experience.           


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