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    Zabelle,  the dancer, the teacher and the artist.

Australian born to anglo-mediterranean parents Zabelle has had a passionate commitment to this terpischorean art.  She has been sculptured by masters of various genres and styles of dance.

In 1998 she discovered Middle Eastern dance. This journey began unfolding wisdom and skill that was already inherent in her style. A professional and qualified  dance teacher trained both in Melbourne and interstate. Concentrating on techniques given first hand by the masters and great artists of belly dance.
(Pic Nov 2015)

  Zabelle is a highly respected in traditional and contemporary styles. Her unique elegant techniques, and interpretation of belly dance. She says that she is an impressionist an artist dedicated to delivering a class filled with encouraging and  supportive atmosphere. 

Zabelle admits to being an expressive and untamed performer. A choreographer where a memorable season displayed  for Melbourne Opera. Melbournes Moomba festival a main stage 'Royal Bellydance' showcase, besides numerous documentaries  and folk festivals. 

  Proudly, Zabelle has achieved ongoing education for a thirsty curiosity during her career in dance. Bellydance has been a dedicated style since 1998 searching for answers with continual training.

   This colourful journey of new techniques and styles of music adds to Zabelle's extensive experience in Ballroom and Latin American dance. Accredited teacher in all styles Dancesport, Australian Dance Society. Accredited by Australian Sports Commission. Zabelle is a creative and original choreographer. 
 Zabelle is passionate about the dance and  honours all people and aims to educate with ethics. To make moving graceful and with ease.

  • Loves everything about dancing                                             
  • Zabelle Dance Instructor, Belly Dance with Zabelle, MelbourneFavourite colour is Green
  • Goes to beach all year round
  • Favourite Season is Summer          (image 1998)

  In her own words.

   "If I could personally thank all the many incredibly talented  artists and masters of  all styles that I have had the priviledge to meet. These people have passed on indelible words and movements.  Keith and Joan Collins were the first to display true devotion through dance and the art of movement. To this very day I seek like minded and passionate people to share my journey.  So grateful to all those people who encouraged and supported my ideas and vision. Looking forward to many more chapters"!  

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