Belly Dance with Zabelle


Local Belly Dancer Teacher Biography in Watsonia

About Zabelle

Zabelle is a respected dance teacher, artist and choreographer who grew up with an immeasurable passion for performative arts. An Australian born to Anglo-Mediterranean parents, Zabelle immersed herself in many genres and styles of dance, being trained by masters of these elegant self-expressive forms. In 1999, an inspiring journey in Egyptian and Middle Eastern dance allowed her to unify and showcase her skills.



The Journey

Zabelle had begun dance at a young age and is a qualified dance coach in Ballroom Dance. Recognised by Australian Dance Society and Australian Sport Commission. Her dedication continued into her belly dance career.

Since then, she remains dedicated, and committed to delivering elegant, creative and educational lessons in Egyptian and other artistic forms of belly dance. Zabelle continues to study her craft in appreciation of new knowledge.

“If I could personally thank all the many incredibly talented artists who passed on indelible words and movements. Joan and Keith Collins being the first to display true dedication through dance and the art of movement. To this very day I seek like-minded people to share my journey. Sentimentally grateful to all those who encourage and support my ideas and vision.”

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